FREE – If you earn <58K, we’ll prepare your tax return for free (typically costs $500-900). Many unscrupulous providers say free, but they are keeping a large portion of your Earned Income Credit. 

MAXIMUM REFUND – Experienced and well trained tax preparers generated refunds of $2K on average in 2020. Less experienced tax preparers miss some of the most lucrative tax credits, including the EITC, Child Tax Credit, and the DC Renter’s Credit.

SAFE – Social distancing is one of the most critical ways to avoid COVID-19 during the pandemic. CC VITA is one of the only IRS certified virtual tax preparers in the DC Metro region.

CONVENIENT – Choose a date and time that works for your schedule. In-person appointments accepted on Saturdays at Catholic Law School.  Or have your taxes done remotely 7 days a week, using Zoom or your smart phone to communicate.  We e-file for you and the IRS e-deposits your refund.

TRUSTED – Prepared right the first time, CC VITA returns have a much lower chance of being audited. Using Catholic Charities avoids unscrupulous tax preparers who use their client’s bank account number to steal refunds and/or falsely claim individuals as dependents.

EXPERTISE – Trained preparers backed up by veteran Big 4 financial experts/CPAs make sure you select the best filing status/identify the right dependents, incorporate all of the favorable CARES Act changes, find less common credits and deductions, and more.

STIMULUS CHECKS – Haven’t filed tax return in years? Missed out on last year’s stimulus check? Change in income?  Incorrect mailing address/bank account #? New family member? We’ll help you both get your stimulus check(s) and the amount you deserve!

AVOID ID THEFT – Filing your tax returns early is the best way to avoid identity theft. CC VITA’s rapid and efficient turnaround of your tax returns helps mitigate your risk.

ONGOING SUPPORT – Well after your tax return has been filed, CC VITA remains available to assists with any questions you have or support you need if the IRS or the state follows up with a letter.

WE CARE – This isn’t just a job. We are all volunteers who want only the best for our clients. We will do whatever we can to provide you with the biggest return while being considerate of your time, safety and concerns




“I always felt taken advantage of until now.  Everyone should use Catholic Charities VITA service instead of the big companies.  “

– Chris B.

I am so appreciative of the professionals and volunteers who are giving their time in the most incredible ways!  “

– Eileen J.

“The remote process was done very efficiently. We communicated via Zoom, email and cell phone. They would even text me to let me know there was an issue that needed my immediate attention. “

– Angela B.